Hippie in Heels lifestyle

The look between yoga pants and a dress with heels.

The space between downward dog and dancing on tables.

The life between successful and spiritual.

I started the Hippie in Heels brand to share my journey of living a balanced life and choosing happiness. I love doing yoga, meditation, and having great conversations. I also love fashion, city life, and accomplishing my goals. 

I have a Bachelors in Psychology, and I am living in New York City. I have been practicing yoga for over 6 years and currently teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I started Choose Love Now and the 1st Love Parade in NYC to celebrate life and empower others to make small shifts towards love. 

I strive for the balance of being a successful person in this world and being a vibrant spiritual woman. It is so easy to get sucked into life. I find myself and those around me often feel disconnected or searching for purpose.

We have something now that wasn't here in previous generations. Technology! We now have everything is at your fingertips!

Knowledge through technology, sex with hook-up culture, food that is delivered to your door - any thing you want, any time you want it... but where does that leave us?

Simulated but bored.

Energetic but still.

Online but off-track.

Connected but feeling alone.

You “Like” it on social media, but really you feel indifferent.  

Everything is too much. Too many options to make the right decision - too many shows and events but nothing to do - answering emails and ordering food all day long, but not enough food and quality conversation to feed your soul.

Yogi Bhajan described this feeling as a Cold Depression, a Silence of the Soul. Many will feel this grey fog of stress, over stimulation, and emptiness. Looking for more and more, faster and faster, in our world.

We seek energy outside because we lack the energy inside. Where are these truly happy people that show their lives and accomplishments on social media. Do they exist in real life?  

Happiness doesn’t mean arriving at happy.

It is a path. It is a choice.

A choice to be happy, made by you, every day. Sometimes making that choice is easy, and you can jump up and down and sing and celebrate. Sometimes choosing happiness fades into more of a numb gratitude, where you can be grateful for your experience in a solemn way. Only you define your happiness. Only you can say what your experience means. You have the power to choose.